WSJ: "The rioters—some carrying nooses, bats, pipes, chemical irritants and zip ties that can be used to handcuff people—were feet or seconds away from the lawmakers they sought to confront..."

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@CeeReedy @brianstelter And *this* is why you never f*** with a Jersey girl.

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 4 days ago

@brianstelter @SpiroAgnewGhost This is unacceptable in a free society. We need to do whatever it takes to safeguard the people who are elected to represent the people or this is not a democracy

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@brianstelter Why no guns? They seem like the gun-toters. Who put the word out?

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 4 days ago

@brianstelter This detail got to me. "Mr. Maloney urged Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Calif.), whose face was well-known from his role as lead prosecutor in Mr. Trump’s impeachment trial last year, to move to the head of the line to lessen the chance of being spotted. Mr. Schiff declined to do so."

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@brianstelter @SpiroAgnewGhost And the WSJ was there for it!

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@brianstelter Let’s learn some lessons and take some fresh precautions, shall we?

*introduces magnetometers*

But my rights!

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 4 days ago

@MornevanderBerg @brianstelter Protestors use signs not guns and bombs. Learn the difference.

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 4 days ago

@brianstelter "The rioters'? For the last 4 years you and the rest of the media told us they are protesters

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@brianstelter And Republicans are currently complaining about the tyrannical installation of metal detectors, whose purpose is to prevent them from bringing guns, knives, and other weapons into Congress to aid in their next insurrection.

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@brianstelter They did plan really well... might even have gotten insider info.

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Not a bad sequence, but Firmino had Robbo wide open coming in and should've played it to him #LIVMUN

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We playing too deep. I’m not so sure about Ole’s tactics here. We giving Liverpool too much respect. #LIVMUN

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senam jantung.

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waduh 15 menit pertama emyu buat dag dig dug ser nih.. #livmun

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Alter hört mal auf zu laaaabern das ihr euch nicht schämt digga #LIVMUN

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Martial/Pogba as wingers dropping very, very deep to form a back six when LFC have the ball. Won't be surprised if eventual substitutions are James for Pogba & Cavani for Martial given how much they're exerting themselves here #LIVMUN

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LoL..."United, are we winning today?" And on your betslip you gave Liverpool straight win!
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #LIVMUN

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