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 1 week ago

Maddow to Trump: "What did you think was going to happen?"

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 1 week ago

@MotherofSnapdr1 @MaddowBlog He still thinks they’ll win.

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 1 week ago

Maddow: "If I were Trump I'd resign. Tonight. I'd resign tonight because if I were Trump I think I'd be terrified of the consequences of what I have done in the past week."

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 1 week ago

@MaddowBlog You were a bad ass tonight!

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 1 week ago
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@MaddowBlog I’m just speculating here but I’d say; he thought his cultists would win and he’d be made dictator for life.

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@MaddowBlog Did Trump try to have his mob kill Pence? If not, he sure sent Pence a message.

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@MaddowBlog They're not done with this coup

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@MaddowBlog One of the best pieces you've ever run on the show.

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@MaddowBlog He thought putin would have his back. He thought all of his mob would have his back. He thought Pence would have his back along with all of the republicans that he thought were on his side.

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-Any mexicans in chat?


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yooo poggers owo do i live under a rock or is this the first time i've seen this tag #hispanicmcyttwtselfieday

rts okay :3

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we’re popping off! we’re popping off!

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