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 1 week ago

Meek Mill with the braids was a problem 😤

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 1 week ago

@machoman_gotti @nuffsaidny My exact face 😭😭

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@trefraud @nuffsaidny 😂😂😂😂😂

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 1 week ago
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@nuffsaidny At what age did he start screaming then?

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@nuffsaidny Drake would’ve loss to this meek

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 1 week ago

@nuffsaidny Folk say Meek Mill and Remy Ma can't Rhyme on beat shhh Meek rode the wheels off this beat 🤷🏾‍♂️

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@nuffsaidny Mans couldnt latch onto one young lady to help him out with them damn braids. Smh

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@nuffsaidny He was getting the braids taken out 🤨

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Biden has landed in Washington, DC. He will be sworn in tomorrow as the number of Covid-19 death toll surpasses 400,000. #TrumpsLastDay

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He's too much of an idiot to know who the #TigerKing is to pardon him.
He'd screw that up too and try to pardon the lion king instead

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It won't take long for the horrible fumes to dissipate.

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He must have a devious plan or he finally started drinking. 🍻

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@RashidaTlaib Are you doing this cuz ur family will be able to come over here and then leave the Palestinians left to suffer under Isreal? I just don't understand this tweet. Guess we don't have any real fighters in congress. You can be excited about #TrumpsLastDay but not like this. Smh

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Have the tv on in the background. Sitting here listening to them talk about secretary of state nominee like... #TrumpsLastDay

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i predict the number one trending hashtag on january 20th will be....


#Inauguration #ImpeachedTwice #Trump #TrumpsLastDay

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