On racism: Do you remember how during the World Cup game @imVkohli coaxed the Indian crowd not to boo @stevesmith49 (on Sandpaper Gate) - Virat in fact gestured to the crowd to applaud Smith. Can’t Australian players do the same in Sydney? #SydneyTest #racism #IndvsAus #Siraj

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@forashid Profile picture Rashid Khan


 1 week ago

@vikrantgupta73 @imVkohli @stevesmith49 Vikrant Bhai two points
1. Not many players have kohli’s stature (Sachin has authority to manage crowds)
2. It’s not player’s job to do this. Responsibility lies with ground administration

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@vikrantgupta73 @imVkohli @stevesmith49 What about such many acts?

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 1 week ago

@vikrantgupta73 @imVkohli @stevesmith49 if everyone will be the same then what will be the difference between us

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 1 week ago

@vikrantgupta73 @imVkohli @stevesmith49 Indians to Australian players :

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@vikrantgupta73 @imVkohli @stevesmith49 Pa ji virat is virat he have big heart why you compared with virat these kind of rabish people I know Australian cos i m stay there 6 years he’s very bad nature guy

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@vikrantgupta73 @imVkohli @stevesmith49 The fact they also want that.

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@vikrantgupta73 @imVkohli @stevesmith49 Sir as I said earlier they don't know how to respect others

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 1 week ago

@vikrantgupta73 @imVkohli @stevesmith49 😂😂 you are expecting too much

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On a more local note, overrepresentation of Los Angeles in #CelebratingAmerica is small vindication for a city that has seen unprecedented public health & economic devastation in the past 10 months. Reminder of LA’s creative, artistic and technical prowess- Queen of Entertainment

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#CelebratingAmerica 👏🏼
Today’s #Bonjovi bringing out grey and the sun. #HereComesTheSun.

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I love that America does things like #CelebratingAmerica . Can you imagine the UK ever having anything like this for Boris 😂

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Eu to sem critério hoje assistindo a posse do Joe Biden nos EUA, bebendo café na caneca da Inglaterra e comendo pão Suíço, isso tudo no Brasil...JAHAHAHAHA 🤦🏻‍♂️
#JoeBiden #UnitedStates #CelebratingAmerica

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Are you bored🤔 Do you want a way of breaking the boredom?
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