The next ep. of #Biotalknology “Innovation in Biotech” features visionary founders from three revolutionary companies.
Join us for this session with Dr Adi Elkeles, Founder, Trobix Bio; @Riteishd, Founder, @ImagineMeats & Aviv Wolff, CEO, @Remilk_Foods
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@PremasBiotech @Riteishd @ImagineMeats @Remilk_Foods Looking forward

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@AsijaKapil Profile picture Kapil Asija


 1 week ago

@PremasBiotech @Riteishd @ImagineMeats @Remilk_Foods Looking forward!!!

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Leave those kids alone.

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Folds arms

Trent going to speak

Beau's hand shooting out and wrapping around his mouth.

And that eye flashing.

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Caleb: "We kissed him into this"
M9: "...You're aware that you're the only one that kissed him, right?"
Caleb: "Yes, but that kiss was a group effort" #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleSpoilers

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#CriticalRoleSpoilers yknow i havent seen anyone put forth the idea that lucien might have just lost two of his extra eyes

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@Gnollregard #CriticalRoleSpoilers He's not one to be that cruel when it comes to player agency. It only happened twice: the Iron Shepherds and Obann.

I firmly hope that he will not do this to them. Not now. Or else it'll feel like they have no chance.

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#CriticalRoleSpoilers the way my mind is RACING

if y'all have followed me.. you KNOW the theories I've talked about .. with the Luxon
and it having a counterpart


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@Tiamat_ZX I just need more facts before I see this as totally negative or possibly helpful. My head is spinning with the possibilities. Beau's my fav so I'm worried for her, but I need to know more before I fully freak out. I'm just cautiously intrigued right now. #CriticalRoleSpoilers

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