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 3 weeks ago

I’m delighted that Mitch McConnell suddenly decided to care about “socialism for the rich”! That means the huge tax breaks for billionaires that he helped pass—not the $2,000 direct payments that America’s struggling working-class families desperately need.

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@Sithbastard1 @SenSanders have you SEEN his hands?
Hes all bruised up rn for some reason
he wouldnt last a minute against bernie

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 3 weeks ago

@Ihatevry1 @SenSanders Well they used to be two different things...

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@JUNEBARBIELOVE @SenSanders Haha I said the same thing you did at the same time. Great minds think alike. =)

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@SenSanders challenge him to an arm wrestling match bernie we think you can take him

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@SenSanders Mitch: Well... i uhh... uhh.. that's not uhh... what i uhh meant

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 3 weeks ago

@SenSanders I am not rich at all!!! I need it!!!

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@SenSanders That dude looks 100% like a turtle

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@SenSanders He looks like a mean turtle and talks like a frog 🐸

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 3 weeks ago

@SenSanders why does the klan love the gop so much

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@GregMannarino We arent even close to done yet -- #SaveAMC

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hold the line... to the Moon!!! 🚀🚀🚀 #saveAMC

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Am I all in on this reddit GME/AMC thing? No. Did I invest a $100 considering I don't know anything about anything? Yes. #SaveAMC #GMEtothemoon

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Exterior design is important because it gives life to your home
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An update from our own @corey_noles on what's rattling the market this morning. Hint: it's #SaveAMC

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