#TreatMyself video out now 🀍

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@VictoriaJustice i love you so much, you make me so proud 😭😭

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@VictoriaJustice i'm shitting myself it's so good

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@VictoriaJustice YOU’RE AMAZINF

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@VictoriaJustice OMG YASS

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@VictoriaJustice U OUTDID URSELF

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@VictoriaJustice OMFG YES

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@VictoriaJustice I AM PROUD

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My #RadicalLeftistAgenda
today includes actually stepping out of my #LockedDown house, #wearingamask, to scrub the 4 year old #NotMyPresident bumper sticker off my car and replacing it with a beautiful #saveAmericaswildmustangs sticker.

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To refuse to maintain civility and die quietly, buried in debt and w/o healthcare, living wage, food, housing etc.

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@TheRealHoarse Grocery shopping. Making a meatloaf and Caesar salad for dinner.

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@TheRealHoarse Taking away everybody's guns in my neighborhood, getting a mocha hazelnut coffee, and then storming the Fox Studios! #RadicalLeftistAgenda

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We are a team of professionals
DM or email for #research paper help

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My #RadicalLeftistAgenda includes being kind to others, helping & being respectful to others, giving a woman the respect to know that she can make her own choices about HER body, NOT being homophobic, NOT being racist and NOT using religion as an excuse to treat people like shit!

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What’re you doing this Friday?

Thought I’d clip my cats claws (they let me do it)
Make some free-caught tuna salad.

And, I dunno, get back to cleaning out the garage.

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@marcorubio Republicans had 4 years to counter Trump rhetoric which drove a huge wedge in the country

They didn't. They sang Trump's tune & supported his insurrection

Now they are a minority. Parroting words of "unity and reconciliation."

They can fuck off.


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