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🎁 for those on the nice list #KathforKeds #Kedsstyle

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 1 month ago

@KedsPH @bernardokath Iloveyou ❀️

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@KedsPH @bernardokath Love this!!!πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

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@KedsPH 😍πŸ₯°πŸ’™

#KathForKeds β€’ #KedsStyle
#KathrynBernardo β€’ @bernardokath

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@RepCawthorn @FoxNews @Varneyco @RepCawthorn LIED! He is NOT a US Naval graduate. #StolenValor

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Madison Cawthorn #stolenvalor - From the *actual* veteran who should be in that House seat ...

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@RepCawthorn @FoxNews @Varneyco Now tell us about #stolenvalor. Being nominated for but then rejected by the @NavalAcademy does not mean you get to list it on your bio, creep.

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@CawthornforNC @CawthornforNC is a liar and is guilty of #StolenValor. Veterans need to denounce this liar!

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That's not what Section 230 is you fucking moron.


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My last trip to the #USNA ( #NavalAcademy #Annapolis). Pretty sure I spent more time at this great institution than the #StolenValor @RepCawthorn @CawthornforNC who lied about attending and implying he graduated from here. #JackRyan he is not and he definitely gave up the ship.

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