Introducing #GoogleHealthStudies: a new @Android app designed to make health research more accessible, provide better representation and help researchers focus on advancing health. Join our first study w/ @BostonChildrens:

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 1 month ago

@GoogleHealth @Android @BostonChildrens Привет Почему промокоди не работают

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 1 month ago

@GoogleHealth @GooglePlay @Android @BostonChildrens I have a problem with the stc bill payment method
I am from the Middle East, specifically saudi arabia, if there is a support team in the middle east let me know

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 1 month ago

@mrhinkydink @GoogleHealth @healthmap @Android @BostonChildrens Well yeah

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 1 month ago

@GoogleHealth @Android @BostonChildrens Not available in my country

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@GoogleHealth @healthmap @Android @BostonChildrens terms & conditions subject to change without notice.

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Privacy is at the core of everything we do, and #GoogleHealthStudies protects information in a few important ways — learn more:

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#GoogleHealthStudies is available for anyone with an @Android phone. With just 1 min. a week, users are able to participate in health research studies that could advance human health. Download now in the @GooglePlay store:

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#silhouettechallenge steps:
•on Snapchat tap explore
• search for ‘vin rouge’ filter
•the room u go stand must be dark but the one behind must have light

After that go naked and make my d!ck proud 🤩😍

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Very soon you start seeing #silhouettechallenge is a devilish challenge bla bla bla

Abeg make I Dey watch dey go
Mtn self is happy 😃

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If you don’t want your #silhouettechallenge to be tampered, post the screen recorded version instead it can’t be undone.

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