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 1 month ago

Let's have a real conversation here, @KirkHerbstreit. If Indiana wins today, it will be their 3rd win vs a ranked opponent. They've played a full-slate with no weeks off and their only loss is to Ohio State by 7. Why on earth are they so low in the CFP Rankings?! #IUFB

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if you saw this man at your local walmart you'd probably think he smelled like shit and make fun of him but because he plays minecraft he's suddenly adorable 😭 fuck off this dude is fucking ugly and you can find 200 of him in Alabama's Bass Pro Shops #handsamdude #awesamdude

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im gonna sleep its 5.30 #handsamdude

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Lookin at the description of #handsamdude, I'm sure that even Twitter Guy is whipped by Sam's pretty face🤭

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#handsamdude you did not what i expected, but i don't really care you look funky 🕺

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this didn't turn out as I'd hoped so I'm posting on alt but HE IS SO HANDSOME

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