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What a class show! Shoutout to our callers πŸ“ž @NeeksQuamina @JerryUtd_ @WeAreUnitedX @LetsTalkUnitd @3inMidfield @AdZillz πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

As we discussed our 3-1 win over West Ham!

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Yo that fucking MJF Jericho mashup was fucking awful. The songs didn't go together at all. Different speeds, eww. #AEWDynamite

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Im not one to try and pick apart wrestling errors in a show but this was a bad one #AEWDynamite

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That was the best opening to AEW ever. They did this just to give this kid an unforgettable birthday, I love how careing AEW has been to Brodie jr and his whole family during all of this. This is what wrestling is all about!


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Jungle Boy is slowly growing to be one of my favorites. #AEWDynamite

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Pretty Peter Avalon??? oh FFS.

Just sign Ray Rosas and put him with Avalon ( PPRAY )

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Can we get rid of this remix of Cody’s theme tho #AEWDynamite

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