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Mahomes and Tyreek. UNFAIR

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@TheKyTyShow We have the best group chat here At O . W . F . πŸ”₯ Follow back warriors and we will see you there #WEAREOWF #WWERaw @SmackedRawPod @SmackinItRawPod @MattRidder Aloha πŸŒ‹πŸŒ‹πŸŒ‹πŸŒ‹

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Please Rt! My #WWERaw 1/18/2021 Review Is Now Live live at

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My PROBLEM is, as a result of this match and the angle earlier, my interest in the women's Rumble has completely plummeted.

I like Alexa's character. I think she is really enjoying it.

I don't buy her winning the thing as an unstoppable monster. That's stupid. #WWERaw

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Here’s a message I sent a fake @JEFFHARDYBRAND account in 2008 such a gullible kid πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #WWERaw

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How long will Drew Mcintyre vs Goldberg be at the #RoyalRumble?

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It def was a women raw ✨✨✨ #wweraw

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#WWERAW is trending at number 2

The next highest #WWE entry is Gillberg at 22 πŸ˜‚

Didn't expect that earlier today!

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