"I'm sure it was difficult for Sam [Mewis] and Julie [Ertz] for me to come in, having not played together in years. They don't know my tendencies anymore, I don't know theirs," says Kristie Mewis. "But I think we did a decent job in the midfield. We got a clean sheet." #USWNT

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"One example: Kelly O'Hara comes out in the 75th minute," Vlatko illustrates: "She was the voice that helped us stay in the game mentally," engaged on the sideline. Vlatko reiterates that "there are so many leaders with different qualities that contribute to this team." #USWNT

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Vlakto and @itsmeglinehan remember 2013: "2013 was the year that I drafted Kristie Mewis. Very happy to see her going through some adversity and coming back to this team. The fact that she did as good as she did makes me very happy and proud of her." #USWNTThanksgiving #DashTFOn

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"We haven't discussed who was going to be captain," says #USWNT coach Vlatko Andonovski. "As important as it seems, for me it's not that important because we have so many leaders on this team." 1/2

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Vlako disputes that the #USWNT dominated: "I wouldn't say dominant by any means...We allowed them at time to be more dominant, which we were fine with." He adds "I thought our high press, when we did it, was very effective."

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#USWNT coach Vlatko Andonovski "One thing that didn't change in 2020 and will never change with this team is their heart and their mind." Abnormal year and run-up to the game. "I'm proud of all of them."

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Vlatko says he is pleased with the performance but "We still have to do a little better defending in the middle block." @thrace has Vlatko expand: "We were able initially to match their midfield, but when they dropped a false nine it threw us off." Ertz missed #NWSLfallseries

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Kristie Mewis I couldn't wipe the smile off my face" when she came on the field. "It was great. I'm so proud and so happy I was able to get another cap with this team." #USWNTThanksgiving #RoadtoTokyo #HoustonDash

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Crystal Dunn on #USWNT Captain Becky Sauerbrunn: "She was someone that always had my back...just hearing very inspiring words from her is an honor. She's not easy to please, I'll to you that. Proud of her."

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#AfterTrump America will be divided just like it was before him. Get over it.

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#AfterTrump the Coronavirus will be handle by real professionals and not wannabes and conspiracy theorists.

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#AfterTrump convicted I’m worried that he’s not going to release his healthcare replacement plan.

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#AfterTrump Democrats will once again feel entitled to the GOP changing to their liking only to see their hopes go up in FLAMES by the next Midterms. Bet on it.

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#AfterTrump there is still a lot of work that needs done.

Didn’t y’all SEE how many voted to overturn the election on his behalf???

8 senators and 139 representatives

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#AfterTrump we'll definitely see what type of America, a tarnished America will decide to be...

...at least all the real enemies to democracy have been exposed for who they really are.


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