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 2 months ago

Surprise! ✨ Introducing our Mystery Box, filled with your favorite S by Serena styles AND a chance to win a signed tennis ball from @serenawilliams. 💕 The boxes are *very* limited, so don't wait until it's too late - get yours now:

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 1 week ago

@sbyserena @serenawilliams Well I guess I missed this

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@sbyserena @serenawilliams Great job You have our entire support. All the best Amen

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@sbyserena @serenawilliams I adore you when you play

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@arual1 @sbyserena @serenawilliams School counselor so same

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 2 months ago

@sbyserena @serenawilliams Love! Wish I could afford to buy one. I’m a teacher. Enough said.

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 2 months ago

@sbyserena @serenawilliams Go Serena Williams Go!

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@timkaine It was important that Nuremberg happened...so these crimes were revealed and those who were guilty held to account. If #weremember, then actions are required. Hold the trial and reveal the current days fascism, Nazism, and white nationalist so it will not happen again.

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Two brothers arrived at Auschwitz on 1941/04/05. Ludwik Kubicki, born 1911/05/30, Wieliczka, Accountant. Prisoner no. 11836. Died on 1941/05/17
Józef Kubicki, born 1919/07/02, Wieliczka, student. Prisoner no. 11837. Died on 1941/08/08.


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Today marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which honors the 6 million Jews who died at the hands of the Nazis. #WeRemember #HolocaustMemorialDay # via @CBNNews

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Never forget. Never again. I remember. #WeRemember

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Remember the past so as not to repeat in the present and future.

We condem any type of prejudice and defend a future where there is no intolerance, racism or discrimination.


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BREAKING NEWS: $PAOG #WeRemember @Money24Prez @resx18 $AMC $EXPR $KOSS $BNOW

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Nie wieder Krieg! Nie wieder Faschismus! Wir gedenken der Befreiung des KZ #AuschwitzBirkenau vor 76 Jahren. 💔 #WeRemember #Auschwitz #HolocaustRemembranceDay #HolocaustGedenktag

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