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@forexguruworldw @TwitterSupport @CurrencyFM Oh, we had reasons. We were blackout drunk at the time, but we're sure it was a good reason.

#DayDrinking #WeHateOurUsers

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@mraftw Profile picture Alex | XSX


 2 months ago
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@TwitterSupport than five months have passed on my account @muaathjamal3, without any petitions being considered
Introduction to you We ask you to look at the petition and open the account as I did not violate the laws

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@farisdammam1 Profile picture Faris


 2 months ago

@TwitterSupport Please open account @faris6532

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@lofiWav Profile picture lofi 🎶


 2 months ago

@TwitterSupport I think I should be verified

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@sougat18 Profile picture Sougat Chakraborty


 2 months ago
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@star95011 Profile picture Cassandra


 2 months ago

@TwitterSupport I am so excited 🔥💙

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@ViceCity_1 Profile picture Vice City


 2 months ago

@TwitterSupport LETS GOOO

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This was the first goal way back when. Now we got two. Still more work to be done. #RunItBack

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@Chiefs Heading to Tampa! Let‘s #RunItBack

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@jen_schro 🤣Sorry...but not sorry. #RunItBack

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