Woody: self help podcaster Woody: self help podcaster

Woody: self help podcaster

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@tgkillfile Profile picture Chris Thomas


 1 month ago

@TwitterMovies Feel like Woody's preoccupation with a false sense of freedom might make him an antimask conspiracy theorist.

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Hamm: Bitcoin trader

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Bo Peep: Influencer, Brand Ambassador

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Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head: celeb power couple

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Rex: Museum of Natural History docent

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Buzz Lightyear: SpaceX engineer

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The Toy Story characters in 2020: a thread

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Peace out MOTHERFUCKER!!! 🖕🏼 #ByeTrump #ByeDon

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Does Trump still not realise YMCA is a gay anthem? #ByeTrump #LGBT 😂

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#ByeTrump #BeGone love that Melania is dressed like she’s going to a funeral and hiding behind large glasses... seems very fitting it is indeed their political death of someone who is going out in shame

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Every time Trump says "I Love You", my whole body shudders and my skin crawls.

So glad to never hear those words from him ever again.

#GoodRiddance #ByeTrump #YoureFired #Biden2020 #PresidentJoe

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#ByeTrump nobody likes you even your dumb wife can't stand you! Sad! #BidenHarrisInauguration #PresidentBiden

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I feel as if a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders. #ByeTrump

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How many hundreds of thousands were there to wave #Trump off? #Delusional #ByeTrump

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