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#AmyCovidBarrett Americans should be free to choose what and where they want to go. Everybody knows the risk involved with the virus it been around long enough for people to know how it acts and what it does.

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@joncoopertweets let’s ask Amy to opine about law when someone knowing infects someone w HIV @Scotus #AmyCovidBarrett deadlyvirus

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America is being turned into a Theocracy by the right wing religous nutters like


History will not be kind to the Republicans of this era

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#AmyCovidBarrett #Thanksgiving #Thanksgiving2020

Remember when Good #ChristianLivesMatter Pilgrims deliberately put #SmallPox in blankets and gave them to the #NativeAmericans?

History Repeats Itself.

Christopher Columbus would've been proud.

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#AmyCovidBarrett The family of the dead from the churches can contact her @Scotus They also need no medical care or help for ignoring medical advice

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