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 4 days ago

@PatMcAfeeShow @FDSportsbook @HammerDAHN 🔨 the over for KCLV. Chiefs about to set things right. 🔨the over for Taysom. He's gonna be throwing BOMBS today. #FanDuelisAWESOME

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It’s that time of week again.. we’ve had over 80 winners the last few weeks.. this week IT’S GONNA BE YOU.......maybe

Pick your 2 favorite bets on the graphic and tweet them thangs.. MUST USE #FanDuelisAWESOME in your tweet to be entered

Let’s GOOO ~> 🔨⬇️

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@ReallyAmerican1 The majority of Americans shouldn't have to suffer through more mass infection and death because of right wing handmaid #AmyCOVIDBarrett who shouldn't even be on the Supreme Court. #ExpandTheCourt so it represents the majority of Americans, not the right wing minority.

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This woman really isn't going to get it until it hits her home. Casualties on your watch #AmyCovidBarrett

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Religious Freedom is the church's freedom to kill me.😡


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