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It’s that time of week again.. we’ve had over 80 winners the last few weeks.. this week IT’S GONNA BE YOU.......maybe

Pick your 2 favorite bets on the graphic and tweet them thangs.. MUST USE #FanDuelisAWESOME in your tweet to be entered

Let’s GOOO ~> 🔨⬇️

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Finally, #NFL Week 12 ended!
Graphic recorded @Ravens vs @Steelers game.
#nfljapan #BALvsPIT #RavensFlock #HereWeGo #アメフトグラレコ #スポーツグラレコ @SteelersUnite

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The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens in Pittsburgh today. The Steelers remain unbeaten with the win today. They are now 11 and 0. The Ravens are now 6 and 5. Here's a picture I made with the final score of the game. Hope you all like it. #BALvsPIT

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#BALvsPIT Aaron Rodgers >

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Came away 2 outta 3 for the last game of week 12! #BALvsPIT

We were 30/48 this week and have a solid two week run over 67%!

Link in bio to join our #discord!

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Steelers gotta be the worst 11-0 team of all time. They are so shaky. Ripe for an early playoff exit. #BALvsPIT

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Coming up tomorrow morning starting at 6:00 am it’s an Open Line Thursday. Call in at 1-800-636-1067 to steer the show. We’ll also recap #BALvsPIT. Plus:

8:00 am - @daverichard, #FantasyFootball guru
9:40 am - @NDMikeBrey

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The undermanned and underdog Baltimore Ravens weren’t the only team at Heinz Field impacted by the lengthy break caused by the coronavirus pandemic. #BALvsPIT

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