The low-lying city of Charleston, South Carolina mulls a $1.75 billion proposal featuring a sea wall along the city's peninsula to protect against deadly storm surge during hurricanes.

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@DarthChauve Profile picture Darth Chauve


 1 week ago

@APSouthRegion @AP And make the ocean pay for this wall since it’s the oceans water coming up and flooding everything out!!

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 1 week ago

@APSouthRegion @AP mother nature always wins..

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@APSouthRegion @AP Imagine a world in which you need to mull over building a structure that will save whole communities for the sake of something that we made up.

Now realize you live in that reality.

Money is dumb y'all.

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@APSouthRegion @AP So the right sees climate change as a hoax until it affects their property.

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 1 week ago

@APSouthRegion @JamesPindell Charleston really has to worry. Would be interesting to know how long the wall is predicted to work.

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 1 week ago

@APSouthRegion @AP MULLS !!!!!!!! U really have no choice it’s that or leave

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@APSouthRegion @AP This is one city and they say the cost of mitigating CO2 is too high?

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 1 week ago

@APSouthRegion Wait, walls work now?

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#IWearAMaskBecause Life is sacred, & one can kill by just speaking or coughing - I also go the extra mile & wear N95 masks, they protect me & others better.

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#IWearAMaskBecause I wish other Americans cared enough about me to do the same.

And I work retail. #Gross

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No cure for cancer, A.I.D.S. or the common cold but they want us to take the vaccine? 🤣 HELL NO!

@WhiteHouse #CNN #MSNBC
#CovidVaccine #COVIDー19

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#IWearAMaskBecause my wearing a mask helps keep you safe. I hope you wear a mask to help keep me safe, too.

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#IWearAMaskBecause it's about freedom... MY freedom. Freedom to live my life... to care for others... to protect others' rights to THEIR freedom by keeping everyone safe around me.

It's just a mask & it's not forever, it's for now!

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#IWearAMaskBecause I have respect for people around me

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#IWearAMaskBecause i believe in science!!

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Y'all, if you still need extra reasons at this point, I'm not sure I can help to convince you. 🖖🏾

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