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 1 week ago

Human rights lawyers say dozens of Lebanese protesters tried before military courts face proceedings that grossly violate due process and fail to investigate allegations of torture and abuse.

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@AP So many countries have corrupt governments:..so so many...

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 1 week ago

@AP This should be taken to The ICC, the government officials in on this travesty, need to be held accountable.

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@AP Wow is this ever sad stuff. I hope they charge those imposing and who acquiesce to that treatment!

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 1 week ago

@AP fail to investigate allegations of torture and abuse...
usa - Killer...

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@AP Is there a Lebanese Bill Barr in charge of the justice system?

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John Parry can go f*** himself. #iufb

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John Parry shut the hell up #IUFB

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Officially a John Parry hater account here #iufb

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Allen is still talking to officials during this timeout. He's going to defend his QB. #iufb

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It’s never been more critical for the offensive line to step up #iufb

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Amazing how the refs are letting Wisconsin take shots at the quarterback #iufb

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Back-to-back throws Tuttle gets blasted in the backfield. Looked like a potential roughing the passer call as he was hit high. No call, and IU will punt. #iufb

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That is another pass where Tuttle is popped hard . Leo Chenal delivered a huge hit on that one. Indiana head coach Tom Allen is livid on the sidelines during this timeout. Linesman tells Allen to move back. #iufb

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