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@CallawayGolf @StephenCurry30 I wasn’t worried about next week’s Match but I kind of am now 😳

Your biggest worry should be your partner’s swing. 👀😏 #TheMatch #ChampionsforChange @CallawayGolf

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 1 week ago

@fymroo @StephenCurry30 @CallawayGolf I've never played Pro Ball but I know this pain. Street Baller until I couldn't play again. From Akron Bro get better soon. Great to watch this man play!!! PRAYING BRO!!!

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@StephenCurry30 @CallawayGolf 🐐🐐🐐🐐

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@StephenCurry30 @CallawayGolf What’s up goat

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@StephenCurry30 @CallawayGolf send Klay our love

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Passing Yards 1. Halbzeit:

#Saints 25
#BroncosCountry 0

Hill dafür mit 2 rushing Touchdowns.

#NOvsDEN 17-0 #ranNFL

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As a saints fan, even I want this poor kid for the Broncos to complete at least one pass. Damn. Also, wear a mask Broncos and stop whining about the game, Broncos fans. #NOvsDEN

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@sportsrage Both started a non-quarterback, but the #Saints have one on the bench but elect not to use him...the #Broncos wish they had that option!!! #NOvsDEN

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Yikes this game 😒 #NOvsDEN

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O CB Janoris Jenkins foi para os vestiários com os médicos, mas foi andando com sua própria força e mancando de maneira moderada.

Vamos acompanhar agora, mas dada a situação atual do jogo, é possível que ele não volte para o jogo para ser, no mínimo, poupado. #Saints #NOvsDEN

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