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Thanks for existing @XboxGamePass

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@WhippyDrew @Xbox @XboxGamePass Dude I love Xbox but just don’t say that

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@Xbox @XboxGamePass Restock on the xbox series x

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@Xbox @XboxGamePass restock plz

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@Xbox @XboxGamePass Ps plus and ps now is better

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#IWearAMaskBecause I don't want to fight any more than I have to. Plus, they make some purretty cool animalistic ones! Not to mention, if I'm wrong, and/or asymptomatic, I don't want to be responsible fur someone else's battle with #Covid19, let alone death, you kmeow?


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#IWearAMaskBecause I'm a fucking genius.

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#IWearAMaskBecause I'm not an idiot. Nor do I feel like giving my fellow humans something that can kill them.

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#IWearAMaskBecause as a member of society, not everything is about me and my convenience. It's called being a good citizen.

I care about what happens to others; for me, it's not a duty as much as an act of love.

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#IWearAMaskBecause I believe in science, I don’t want to infect others, and I want to live to see the birth of my grandchildren.

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#IWearAMaskBecause ...I'm called to be a public Christian leader for our young people. #ELCA #LutherSeminary

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