200 years in the future... “Honey, have you seen my iPhone 378? I need it to preorder my PS6.”

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@DashingTimmy @TheEllenShow That’s how long I’m gonna have the PS4 before I can get a damn PS5

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@jakegibson0812 @TheEllenShow not me, ive been committing tax evasion for 12 years 💪💪

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@eric_nau84 Profile picture Eric Nau


 2 months ago
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@aaronnwuu Profile picture ronny


 2 months ago
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@DashingTimmy Profile picture Timmy


 2 months ago

@TheEllenShow Are you tryna say we gonna play PS5 for 200years?

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@TheEllenShow Breaking news: GTA V is also available for PS6 and GTA VI still in the making.

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@Artxcii Profile picture Keith R.


 2 months ago

@TheEllenShow PS6? More like PS26😂

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@jaiksteven Profile picture jaik


 2 months ago

@weathermike24 @TheEllenShow 200 years? Our body will be the iphone

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@TheEllenShow 200 years? That iPhone will be in our body.

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is Abigail still on #thebachelor

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🇮🇳 Happy Republic Day 🇮🇳
Freedom in the mind, Strength in the words, Pureness in our blood, Pride in our souls, Zeal in our hearts, Let's salute our India on Republic Day.
#RepublicDay #India #patriotism #BBB21 #strshtisports #HappyRepublicDay2021 #TheBachelor @SportsSrishti

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MJ must have missed the memo on the Roy G Biv group date aesthetic. #TheBachelor

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Hunt? Homely cunt? Victoria would have gotten smacked if she tried that shit with me #TheBachelor

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What man is worth getting punched in the face over on a date??? #TheBachelor

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#TheBachelorABC #TheBachelor

Matt shld b paying attn 2how ea woman approached the boxing, b/c a lot is revealed abt character & emotional maturity. There was NO valid reason 2try & hurt the other. Only needed (Ali's) dance in the ring & landing well-placed lite punches, defense

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#TheBachelor Victoria is the only one he doesn't make out with cause he doesn't want his eye infected

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