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Once campers. Now teammates.


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i would love the ipad since moneys been tight and love what @ColleenB123 is doing especially w her platform so go watch and donate 🀍🀍🀍 #cancerbackoff

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#cancerbackoff so many @ColleenB123 fans have followed me lol so many new friends ❀️❀️❀️

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thank you for being the best human ever colleen!!! #cancerbackoff

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i want to become a graphic designer so getting the ipad would help or the zoom!I donated $5 i know its not a lot but it’s all i could afford :) i also went to the concert! i’d be so grateful for anything❀️this is my first year! @ColleenB123 #cancerbackoff

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i would love an ipad! i wanna draw and sell designs! β™₯️

ive been dealing with an autoimmune disease for 5 years so i’ve experienced the hospital!
i’m so lucky i got to donate to the concert and $30 to the fundraiser! #cancerbackoff @ColleenB123


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you are my idle go check out her YouTube live stream please pick me for the zoom call them i love you!!!!!! my grandma aslo has brest cancer #cancerbackoff

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My main account @KimKusman reached the post limit but I’ve shared the link, donated and want to donate time in the UK. I love your merch and can’t afford the international shipping. I’d also love a zoom call. Love u πŸ’“ #cancerbackoff @ColleenB123 πŸ’“πŸ’œ

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