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2 hrs

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@honeygirlmoon @ArianaGrande This is my best song on the album 🐾💯

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@cloudboqa @ArianaGrande She’s been in the industry since 2013 so it’s not make sense lmao

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@ArianaGrande can’t wait so excited for this

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@ArianaGrande make pov single pls

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@ArianaGrande I AM SO PROUD OF U i am tiny elephant for fucking 10 years n i cannot believe how much u actually grow up man , i grow up with u 🖤 thank u for begin the part of my life like u always gonna be ! i am so proud of myself cause my idol is u ! ! !

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@ArianaGrande 2 HOURS

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@ArianaGrande im excited with all my heart and soul love u so much

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They (fascists) love when America gets "what's coming to them."
#morningjoe #CNN #FoxNews

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Who is making these justice department decisions because Merrick Garland isn’t there. So Trump traitors are making decisions? #morningjoe

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Does anyone else find it insulting that the @TheJusticeDeptis considering NOT charging some of the TERRORISTS that stormed our capital January 6th....but the DOJ has never had an issue charging anyone else? CHARGE EVERY SINGLE OFFENSE! Period!! #morningjoe

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#morningjoe #StopTheGOPStealOfDemocracy Time To Vote Blue Everywhere In America. GOP Is Making America Russia. Wake Up America. Where Are You Going To Live When Your Rights Are Taken Away?

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Hey I get a ticket for parking past my quarters running out on the meter.
These seditionists should get thousands in fines. Hit their pocketbooks.


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So, made up reality doesn’t get real world consequences I see. #morningjoe

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The GOP doesn’t want a impeachment trial because they know so many of them will be implicated. They’re guilty as hell and scared to death. They’re getting death threats from the right. And they know the FBI is ready and poised to knock on their door. #MorningJoe

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@MSNBC #Siriusxm118 #MorningJoe @MorningMika My Thought's, The Argument Some Activist/Groups Making. There're Laws On The Books/ #Enforce Them. What #InsurrectionistsTrump Did/With His #TerroristMob/Attack On #AmericasCapital. #ConvictTrump/#FBI/#DOJ Start #CriminalInvestigation.

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