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 2 months ago

My memoir, A Promised Land, is out today. I hope you’ll read it. My goal was to give you some insight into the events and people that shaped me during the early years of my presidency. Most of all, I hope it inspires you to see yourself playing a role in shaping a better world.

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@iammaleekpholly @BarackObama your charging for these childish "works" which we're obviously done w/ a computer drawing program? drawings yes, artwork NO

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@VoteBluePA @BarackObama I, for one, AM NOT AFRAID OF DONALD J TRUMP!!!

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@MikeMens1 @BarackObama But he is a warmonger

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 2 months ago

@kemppam @BarackObama HOLY CRAP!!
You will “BIGLY” enjoy this
Thank you AUSTRALIA!!

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 2 months ago

@BarackObama As a young African immigrant, you've been a great example to me. Your life and temperament are a roadmap for upcoming leaders. God bless you, Sir. Wishing you more success in your latest endeavors.

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@BarackObama I have pre ordered one. Let’s make you a multi millionaire and have higher net worth than the fraud in whitehouse

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 2 months ago

@BarackObama This is an inspirational leader. I’m so grateful my grandchildren have him as a role model.

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@BarackObama Hello Twitter

My name is Maleekpholly and I am a vector artist.
Here are some of my artworks.

DM for enquires.

Kindly RT my customers are on your TL



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@BarackObama Can’t wait to listen to it!

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I am a subscriber who reads your paper every morning. However, if one of your employees is unable to demonstrate some emotion after the horror of the last 4 years I can certainly find another source of news.

There are plenty to choose from.

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@nytimes #rehireLauren. Seriously, who doesn’t get chills watching American democracy in action?

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@Alyssa_Milano @nytimes First the stupid Biden Rolex story and now this? She was fired for saying that she got chills when Biden’s plane landed? If they won’t #rehireLauren then Biden himself should give her a job in his press department.

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