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You: *Retweets an unopened article*
Us: *Read it before you Retweet it, pls*

Know the full story before you share. If you're about to Retweet or Quote Tweet an article you haven't opened on Twitter, we’ll remind you with a prompt –– now on iOS and Android.

Coming to Twitter to share information –– we love that. Knowing what you’re sharing –– we love that more.

For some of you on Android and iOS, we're testing a new feature that shows you a prompt when you Retweet any website link (not just articles).

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@flipidy163 We've closed DMs to work on better ways for you to contact our support team on Twitter. For more support options, submit a ticket:

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@ilovehaseuIsm Profile picture she comin


 2 months ago

@TwitterSupport hi dm me please x

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@TwitterSupport Sure sir.

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 2 months ago

@TwitterSupport GIVE ME BAKC MY MAIN

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 2 months ago

@TwitterSupport Happy Friday Twitter Family 💙💗🙏🏻💗💙

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@WiiLikeToPray Profile picture ChaosXBrigade


 2 months ago

@TwitterSupport It been two weeks and u haven't responded to my apeal

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 2 months ago

@TwitterSupport Please open account @faris6532✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋✋

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@travismcelroy @JustinMcElroy Male mammals running towards a giant rectangle, holding pig skin filled with air all while smacking other males butts.

#RedKingdom #chiefsnation #SuperBowl #RunItBack

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Com era!? Addirittura per una settimana qualcuno li paragonava e le metteva allo stesso livello? Mahomes gioca ad un altro sport, fidatevi, e stanotte ne è stata un'altra dimostrazione. E non che Josh Allen non sia un grandissimo QB.. ma il 15 di Kansas è un marziano

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@SeanMcPheee @Chiefs Kittle is on his couch watching a real team just like you. So go to your own page you fucking troll! 2NAROW SB55 #RUNITBACK

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