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What's something that ISN'T a sport, but still FEELS like a sport?

finishing every movie nominated during awards season

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@AlitaArmy @TwitterMovies People like you just make me less interested in seeing the film but whatever.

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 2 months ago

@meems_hamid @TwitterMovies Someone has to do it!!!

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 2 months ago
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@TwitterMovies LMFOAODJD

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 2 months ago

@TwitterMovies At least last year all the films were pretty amazing

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@ema_sasic national champion in the making

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@TwitterMovies And movies that should have been nominated.

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 2 months ago

@TwitterMovies When I say I’m sporty this is what I mean

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All I want for this years Royal Rumble, is to see @AlexaBliss_WWE win the Women’s Royal Rumble. 🙏🏾🤞🏾❤️❤️

#AlexaBliss #AlexasPlayground #TheFiend #RoyalRumble #WWERaw @VinceMcMahon

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...I´m just reviewing details on this new @WWE #WWERaw.
...Estoy solo revisando detalles sobre este nuevo @WWE #WWERaw.

But yeah i saw you. I saw you queen.
Pero si, te ví. Te ví Reina.

😊🤍. 😏......

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“I’m wearing this mask to not only protect myself, but to shield everyone else from the horror I endured.”


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HOLY SHIT @AJStylesOrg slingshots Ricochet into the ropes into a Styles Clash? DAMN that was good. #WWERAW

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@WWE @AlexaBliss_WWE @WWEAsuka That just goes to show you how much Bruce and Vince have an infatuation with FUCKING Charlotte Flair and how little they give a fuck about Asuka. Meanwhile, she’s the FUCKING #WWERaw women’s champion and if anybody’s gonna come at me and defend this bullshit, you will LOSE!!

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