As #Election2020 continues to generate record levels of conversation on Twitter, we want to share a current snapshot of our ongoing efforts to protect the health of the public conversation, as well as next steps.

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 2 months ago
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 2 months ago

@TwitterSupport Thanks Twitter Family 💙

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 2 months ago

@TwitterSupport we dumped trump

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@TwitterSupport Dear Twitter,
I still don't understand business account @abdula322 as been suspended without any warning or explanation. We have not participated in or participated in any privacy issues - private information. We are at a loss as our work this week has been fully affected ed

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 2 months ago

@TwitterSupport Real happy for your record levels.

Now ban him.

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@TwitterSupport Suspend Donald Trump's account

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 2 months ago
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 2 months ago

@TwitterSupport Carlos is on Twitter

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My favorites on #TheBachelor so far are Katie and Bri.

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I feel like Sarah has a few manipulative tendencies and no one else notices #TheBachelor

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Victoria is starting to make a little bit of sense, just a little little bit

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Did anyone else catch that ad from Skip The Dishes during the show about Matt keeping his eyes open while kissing. It’s genius 😂🤣 #TheBachelorABC #TheBachelor

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#honktwtselfieday, #TheBachelor, #RTEInvestigates #cblive #AUSvIND #IKnowImDrunkWhen

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#TheBachelor - Tonight's episode was heartbreaking. Those women were cruel to Sarah and it was blatant bullying. How could your show miss an opportunity to educate people about the extreme stress that accompanies caring for someone with ALS? Do better! Be kind.

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#thebachelor #TheBachelorABC

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Lmfaoooo y’all... #TheBachelor is jokes 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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