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All five Best Picture nominees for the #GothamAwards are directed by women:

‘Nomadland’ - dir. Chloé Zhao

‘The Assistant’ - dir. Kitty Green

‘First Cow’ - dir. Kelly Reichardt

‘Never Rarely Sometimes Always’ - dir. Eliza Hittman

‘Relic’ - dir. Natalie Erika James

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@TwitterMovies 😂 the gif

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@Ulysses64572934 @TwitterMovies its an awards show for smaller movies, kinda like the indie choice awards

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 2 months ago

@TwitterMovies i wouldn't have said better

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@TwitterMovies Gotham what?LOL

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Our two top players played like shit. Neither hit 20. Bron turning the ball over left and right. AD refusing to get his big ass in the Post and demand the ball. Then Dennis with the bonehead ass decisions down the stretch & idiots blaming Kuz. STFU already #Lakers #Lakeshow

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@HoodieCurry Gg y’all wanted it more o well onto the next one #lakeshow

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Unnecessary L

Found an offensive groove in the 1st that was never seen again

Still does not know how to maintain the advantage of guys who are rolling in certain areas

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#lakeshow RELAX y’all need to stop taking everything to heart it’s 1 L we’ve seen them in playoff mode

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This game won’t matter if we repeat 🤷🏾‍♂️ #LakeShow

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tembakan penentuan ga masuk😏 #LakeShow

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#LakeShow what the heck !!??? 😒😕😒

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Never Lose two in a row next is the bucks on Thursday #LakeShow

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