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 2 weeks ago

Today we celebrate the power of play together.

A message from @XboxP3 on Xbox Series X|S Launch Day:

 23,114  2,499  2,048  Download


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 2 weeks ago

@Norrischargers @Xbox @XboxP3 launch day dude, take a chill pill. This has happened for every launch (including PS4) ever.

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 2 weeks ago

@Xbox @XboxP3 It’s almost like you staged issues with core services for the launch day hype train 👀🤷🏻‍♂️ oh well just let me sign in already so I can get back to beating off to anime girls

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 2 weeks ago

@Xbox @XboxP3 I just love how you made sure every influencer got one, even the ones who probably won’t do much with it but post it on their socials. Slap in the face for loyal customers not being able to get one. Jesus.

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 2 weeks ago

@Xbox @XboxP3 Celebrate the launch by going down. Can't sign in. Xbox live completely down and beyond light had launched for destiny 2. Perfect timing lol #FirstWorldProblems

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 2 weeks ago

@Xbox @XboxP3 xBox shipping at monday, 50% by UPS express (delivery 10.11) and the other 50% by standard (delivery 11.11). Why? I buy one xBox on MS Store and two booked from the bank account. Rewards Points for buy? No! On time delivery? No! EA Play Time added to xBox Ultimate? No!

Bad Job

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 2 weeks ago

@Xbox @XboxP3 Thank you for making gaming even better. My son and I just got the Series X from our local shop. We have been very lucky to get one. At the moment we are setting it up.

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@Xbox @XboxP3 I hate to pile on, but when your loyal fans who have been paying for Xbox live and buying consoles and games for 13 years can’t get the new console you failed. I’m not saying I’m buying a PS5, but I have lost trust in Xbox after this launch.

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If you’re an #Illini athletics fan, there is no better coverage. Well worth the price, excellent work all around.

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Adam Miller > Alan Griffin #Illini

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2 points away from the freshman debut record in #Illini history. Adam Miller had this.

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Miller one field goal away from an #illini freshman debut scoring record.

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We won't be on like this on the offensive end every night , but if we guard like this every night watch out!

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Iowa is in trouble against this upgraded #Illini team There's way more athletes, shooting, and cerebral defense. Garza and McCaffrey will have a hard time covering these Illinois studs

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@timjsinclair @IlliniMBB @StateFarmCenter Gosh this hurts my heart 💔 I sure wish we were there!! 🧡💙 #illini #orangeandblue

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How would a high level recruit look at this #Illini team and these guards and not want to play there immediately?

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