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 2 months ago

#INTERVIEW Ikrame El Bouayadi, directrice marketing de @TwitterFrance et Soraya Kerchaoui-Matignon, directrice des contenus de marque de @BingeAudioFr, confient à CB News leurs ambitions pour la deuxième saison de #DerrièreLeTweet

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#MorningJoe Trump haters must feel really stupid as Biden incites and invites illegals, kills American jobs, debases your daughters to pretend girls, starts war in the Middle East, reverses laws to lower drug prices.

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"Trump worst president ever" banner seen as plane flies near Mar-a-Lago

I would most definitely donate to make this a regular thing.

#ConvictAndDisqualifyTrump #morningJoe #TrumpInsurrection

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#MorningJoe not to burst anyone's bubble but the way we travel these days I imagine there will be COVID 21 & 22 & 23....
Wearing a mask is not a big deal. Sorry- no matter how much people tantrum.

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@MorningJoe You give trump's base so much power. Where were all the polls asking Democratic voters how legitimate we thought trump was? The numbers probably would have been just as high. Why is #MorningJoe on @MSNBC? Republican filled panels, rarely diversity, every single day.

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I like it when #MorningJoe trends, because it reminds me why I had to stop watching it all together about a year ago.
I can't wait until Willie and KC take it over.

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#MorningJoe will I come back on my birthday?

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@UltramanBG This is what happened to this young gentleman bc his fam couldn’t raise 10G for his bail. #morningJoe THIS SHYT IS REAL!

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