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 2 months ago

With the increase in voting by mail, there might be a delay in results. To ensure people have the context they need, Election Labels will be visible on candidate accounts until Nov. 22nd, and remain for candidates in races that haven’t been officially called or are in a run-off.

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 1 month ago

@TwitterGov You can verify my account
, I am a political personality, mass educator and humanitarian
national president of a political party
Please check to prevent me from hacking and impersonation of which I am victims @verified

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@TwitterGov Would the Election Labels be expanded internationally?

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 2 months ago

For #Election2020, we partnered with @Ballotpedia to add Election Labels so it’s easier for you to identify candidates running for US House of Representatives, US Senate, or Governor offices.

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CLICK HERE twitchrecap
Happy Founders
29% of Americans

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It's #NationalHatDay! Let me know if you ever see this @SFGiants hat for sale. It was my favorite lid for YEARS but had to be retired from my rotation.

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Hats off to #NationalHatDay! Which hat artwork is your favorite? Mr. Jerome Myers' "Self-Portrait in Feathered Hat," Kenneth Frazier's "Woman with a Veiled Hat," or Mr. John Wesley Beatty's"Study of a Man (Wearing a Mahler Hat)?" 👒🎩🧢

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Today is #NationalHatDay! If you haven’t caught on, I love hats! They let me dress up or down and let me project a bit of how I feel that day. Thanks to @GoorinBros for feeding my hat fever over the last decade or so. #ItsAGoorin

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Time to break out your favorite headwear because it’s National Hat Day! While you can never go wrong with the laidback beanie or the fancy beret, we’re donning our very own #HexFed cap in honor of this day!

#HexFedStyle #NationalHatDay

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Check out this book - 'Cloud DBA Oracle: Administer Configure Oracle Database'

#BeBest Plies #WandaVision #twitchrecap #7YearsWithGOT7
Maknae #NationalHatDay 29% of Americans Bodega Mortal Kombat Nordstrom Yankees Steve Harvey Andrew Yang @Oracle

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