2 months ago

When it comes to protecting migrant children, we can do better. UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador @shakira calls for keeping families together.

"This is not about politics," she says. "There is no justification for the harm caused to these innocent children."

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 2 months ago

@UNICEFUSA @shakira Keep them together but back in their country...

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@UNICEFUSA @shakira Y pensar en la ignorancia de la mitad de los votantes de los EEUU

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 2 months ago

@UNICEFUSA @shakira Es IMPRESIONANTE la IGNORANCIA de @shakira y la BURDA MANIPULACIÓN de las organismos infiltradas por la izquierda:

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@UNICEFUSA @shakira Don’t forget it was Obama’s policy.

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@UNICEFUSA @shakira That's right, I would not take my children anywhere knowing that we'll be separated. Suck type of people that do that should not have children. @Longo25888588

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@UNICEFUSA @shakira Why has the @UN not done anything about this? This is a violation of human rights.

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 2 months ago

@UNICEFUSA @shakira Children need to be treated property and separating them from their parents or caretakers is just wrong. Fight for the Children! Vote Democratic!!!!!!!

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 2 months ago

@UNICEFUSA @shakira ❤❤❤❤

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