A few weeks ago, we announced how we will handle Tweets about US election results.

We want to remind you what to expect and share a preview of the labels we may apply. 🧵

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@bry_izzy92 Profile picture Bry


 2 months ago

@ofountain7 @TwitterSupport They don't do anything to him.But will suspend your account when you respond to his or his families tweets.

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@shadzmgamez Profile picture shadzmgamez


 2 months ago

@westsidemalabo @TwitterSupport I'm sure eventually they will. But you have to remember, Twitter is based in the US. The US is going to be the first to get these types of features.

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@ofountain7 Profile picture oli


 2 months ago

@TwitterSupport what about trumps idiotic tweets, going to label them as false info?

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@TwitterSupport I hope you will do this for all elections everywhere. Not just the US.

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We’re committed to protecting the integrity of the #Election2020 conversation on Twitter, and we will keep you updated on our continued efforts to do so.

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If we see content inciting interference with the election, encouraging violent action or other physical harms, we may take additional measures, such as adding a warning or requiring the removal of Tweets.

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When people attempt to Retweet a Tweet with a misleading information label, they’ll see a prompt pointing them to credible information before they are able to amplify it further on Twitter.

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We’ll consider a result official when announced by a state election official, or when calls are made by at least two of the below national news outlets that have dedicated, independent election decision desks:


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We may label Tweets, starting on election night, that make claims about election results before they’re officially called.

We’ll be prioritizing the presidential election and other highly contested races where there may be significant issues with misleading information.

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Tweets are eligible to be labeled if:

1. The account has a US 2020 candidate label (including presidential candidates & campaigns)
2. The account is US-based with more than 100k followers, or
3. They have significant engagement (25k likes or 25k Quote Tweets + Retweets).

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