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 2 months ago
.@shakira: Los padres de 545 niños aún desaparecidos y un silencio ensordecedor.

.@shakira: Los padres de 545 niños aún desaparecidos y un silencio ensordecedor.

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 2 months ago

@cotolla @Univision @nenoriega5 @shakira De acuerdo...ni @CNN

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 2 months ago

@Univision @nenoriega5 @shakira Izquierda izquierda univision y telemundo cambien porque muchos no los vemos ya

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@Univision @shakira cuantos de los desparecidos fueron vendidos? how many of the disappeared have being sold...? human slavery is illegal...just sayin'

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 2 months ago

@UAtheStore @Univision @shakira twitter says this is an offensive content lmao

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 2 months ago

@_re_baja_la @Univision @shakira Si, la misma que tiene una fundación desde que era pobre. La misma que construye escuelas en zonas de peligro para darle la oportunidad a cientos de niños de estudiar. Esa misma Shakira. Fuck off!

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 2 months ago

@Univision @shakira Shakira la misma que evade impuestos?

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 2 months ago

@Univision @shakira What happened to them

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@Univision @shakira Well said 🔥❤️🔥❤️

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For all the complaining about who shot in the shootout. Career Stats before tonight. #VegasBorn

Shea 5/10 50%
Marchy 5/15 33.3%
Tuch 3/9 33.3%
Karlsson 2/8 25%
Smith 5/21 23.8%
Patches 8/35 22.9%
Stone 2/12 16.7%

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Max Pacioretty with a hat trick tonight for the @GoldenKnights but it was the @StLouisBlues who came up with the win in a Shootout. #stlblues #VegasBorn

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News; $QYOUF #VegasBorn @DBWright8136 @AlertTrade @elescobaro @resx18 $PTOP $CYBL $GME $NXGB

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That #STLBlues / #VegasBorn game was excellent tonight and the sounds of Dave Goucher who is outstanding at his craft calling the game for the Golden Knights local TV broadcast made it sound even better

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Knights + Blues = Thrilling hockey. Every. Single. Time. #VegasBorn

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This is beer league garbage. Keep it out of the @NHL, @NHLPlayerSafety. #STLBlues #VegasBorn

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