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 2 months ago

Now there are even more ways to connect on Google Duo. Enjoy automatic captions on video and voice messages for those moments when you can’t play audio. Learn more:

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@Samson_Jp36 @Android Just wondering what kind of phone you have. I have a 3a xl and I can turn video on and off in duo. We have been video our daughter a lot lately and it works flawlessly.

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 2 months ago

@Android Pl Merge

Messages, Duo, Chat,Meet ,Hangout, Gmail,Gpay apps in single super app

Why so many apps with overlapping features

Do it before iMessage comes to android
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 2 months ago

@Android Please allows us android users to turn off our cameras at will, don't know why this feature isn't available on a video call app. I always have to use another app that uses the camera to turn it off

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 2 months ago

@Android great idea

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 2 months ago

@Android Y'all need to just integrate this with message instead of it being a standalone

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 2 months ago

@Brandon___Ward @Android They probably talk about how much they love bread with chocolate inside. It has been months since I've had a chocolate filled donut, I could sure go for one right now.

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 2 months ago

@Android Google you're super

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 2 months ago

@Android Interesting

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 2 months ago

@Android How did bread with chocolate inside make you think of someone

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 2 months ago

@Android Good job!

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How can we bring the best of ourselves to a world in crisis?

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Get the guidance you need during this time of online learning at Darlington College.

Students can access this document via the following link:

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You can do this. A bit of motivation this Thursday afternoon 😊

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