You: *Retweets an unopened article*
Us: *Read it before you Retweet it, pls*

Know the full story before you share. If you're about to Retweet or Quote Tweet an article you haven't opened on Twitter, we’ll remind you with a prompt –– now on iOS and Android.

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@Austin12324 Profile picture Austin


 3 months ago

@TwitterSupport Why did you fix what wasn't broken? Also, please add an edit button. Thank you.

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@sougat18 Profile picture Sougat Chakraborty


 3 months ago

@kateconger @TwitterSupport Exactly my point !

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@MartinCoad86 Profile picture Martin Coad


 3 months ago

@TwitterSupport Give us an Edit button!!

Edit option for 30 seconds after tweeting.

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@MRNice_ZA Profile picture Mr NiceZA


 3 months ago

@TwitterSupport Follow @MRNice_ZA for nice give aways globally

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@sidzthename Profile picture sid


 3 months ago

@TwitterSupport I can’t read

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@2christymarie Profile picture media


 3 months ago

@TwitterSupport restricted accounts haven’t received a call with a code to unlock their account. please fix this issue.

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@kateconger Profile picture o...k


 3 months ago

@TwitterSupport you cannot force me to learn to read

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@remedytaegis Profile picture H♡︎PE


 3 months ago

@TwitterSupport hi, @Twitter & @TwitterSupport
my main account @fairytaegis got restricted for no reason. i never meant to violate any of twitter rules, had done no harm to anybody either. please kindly bring my account back.

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You can still Retweet with the latest update: tap the Retweet icon, leave the Quote Tweet composer blank, and hit the Retweet button.

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Spectrum cell phone service reviews and mobile coverage #TALESFROMTHESMP

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how are y’all so creative!! like coming up with #TALESFROMTHESMP theories. they are so cool I litteraly could never come up with cool stuff like that. also karl WOW!!! THAT EPISODE WAS AMAZING LIKE SO AWSOME

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i love charles please charles come back charles

#talesofthesmp #TALESFROMTHESMP #ranboofanart ????

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breaking news: dream fanboy stabs 4 fishermen

(i rushed this lmao)

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Karl always manages to make takes from the SMP great and its honestly impressive

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no but what about an animatic of karl the time traveler with the song Time Adventure and it's about him, quackity and sapnap being best friends despite karl knowing he'll forget them trying to save them... #TALESFROMTHESMP

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