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 3 months ago

تغريدات كثيرة مرررررررة في الدوري السعودي تتكلم عن الـ VAR. @HatoonKadi @MohmdQhtani @FaisalALa7mari @Barmz_alHajjaj رح يشاركونا نسختهم الخاصه عن الڤار #روح_الدوري

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 3 months ago

@TwitterMENA @HatoonKadi @FaisalALa7mari @Barmz_alHajjaj هذي الحسابات مالها جمهور عندنا ياتويتر.
مايتابعها غير الأطفال.
ومالهم علاقة بالرياضة.
إختيار غريب وكارثي وفشله حتمي.

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 3 months ago

@TwitterMENA @HatoonKadi @MohmdQhtani @FaisalALa7mari @Barmz_alHajjaj @jack @TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport

I wish if you guys thought more about preventing bots and spammers in Arabic (they are 100x more than in English) rather than creating such account that tweets childish tweets.

Your MENA team are Amateurs. Do something about it.

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@TwitterMENA @HatoonKadi @MohmdQhtani @FaisalALa7mari @Barmz_alHajjaj في شخص داخل غلط المزعج (هت)

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@TwitterMENA @HatoonKadi @MohmdQhtani @FaisalALa7mari @Barmz_alHajjaj براميل نفط

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Rt’s are appreciated :]

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hello awesamtwt this is my application to be your new favorite tall boy <3

> rts r v pog !

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Joining this train, this is me :D

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goodnight bird app, im off to bed 💤

= rt’s are appreciated!! =

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Oh hey, it's my face; love you sam <3
Thank you for making all of us smile every single day :)) #awesamtwtselfieday

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