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 4 months ago

What would F. Scott Fitzgerald have written about in 2020

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 2 months ago

@cath_fletcher @TwitterBooks Lol, that's a little too on the nose!

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@Litshitpodcast @TwitterBooks So...The Great Gatsby.

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 4 months ago

@TwitterBooks Quarantinis.

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@TwitterBooks A very glamorous party where all the guests catch a nasty case of Covid but no-one cares that much.

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@TwitterBooks What an abyss of hate, where riches push the people toward death. Sacrificing the human soul for materialistic gain and no fun was had.

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@TwitterBooks A party he shouldn't have thrown but also didn't attend

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@TwitterBooks The Great Gatsby but Gatsby is a TikTok star

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 4 months ago

@TwitterBooks A novel about surviving during a surge of influencers

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@TwitterBooks Roaring fire 20s again.

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Last night I dreamt that
I pulled my guitar apart with
my bare hands.

Maybe I should stick to

#MondayMorning #MondayMood #MondayVibes #Monday

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I have empathy & compassion. However, I鈥檓 losing both for the #antimask & #antivax crowd. I hope I can dodge these folks until it鈥檚 my turn to get the vaccine. Can鈥檛 believe the selfishness I鈥檓 witnessing. Truly disheartening. #COVID19 #WearAMask #MondayVibes

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When Monday comes too early for you and the dog #MondayVibes

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Necesitas alquilar una #furgoneta hoy #Lunes?Inf贸rmate 鈩癸笍 馃摬646 45 28 71 / 91 641 18 48

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Click This Link and Download Adobe Acrobat PRO DC Free:

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#adobe #adobeillustrator #MondayVibes
New Week

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It鈥檚 Monday and I still hate ironing #MondayMood #MondayVibes

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