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 4 months ago

what's your fall comfort book

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 3 months ago

@ThisIsSuchi @TwitterBooks Me also thinking about the book for reading as exam going on so... you are at Great choice!!!!

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 4 months ago

@thewallyeller @TwitterBooks Yes right.😂

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 4 months ago

@ThePerpPolymath @TwitterBooks Idk either can someone explain?

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 4 months ago

@paulieolsewski @TwitterBooks @charliemackesy Just this
What else could you possibly need ♥️

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@TwitterBooks comfort? in 2020?

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@TwitterBooks Man's Search for Meaning

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@TwitterBooks Something Georgette Heyer

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 4 months ago

@TwitterBooks Raymond Chandler’s novels. I’ve been binge reading them. Full of mystery and compelling writing.

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@TwitterBooks What’s comfort?

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Browns need to fucking tackle someone #WeWantMore

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Browns were super aggressive against the Steelers, and have been very timid against the Chiefs. They need to start taking it to them. Aggressive/big hits on D, running it down their throats on O. Play our game.


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you got to give credit where credits due- the chiefs got a great o line.
we are hanging with the super bowl champs yall

this game is not out of reach!!

#Browns #WeWantMore

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I’m gonna go ahead and just stay off @Twitter until the game is over. #BrownsTwitter is ridiculous. #WeWantMore

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NFL Divisional Round Sundeeee! #KalZone #Twitch #TwitchAffiliate #TwitchStreamer #Streamer #TwitchCommunity #SmallStreamer #ColdWar #WarZone #CallofDuty #BattleRoyale #NFL #NFLPlayoffs #NFLDivisionalRound #RunItBack #WeWantMore

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The most successful Browns defender right now is the old Holding Call #Browns #WeWantMore

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Cleveland #Browns Team Lockup T-Shirt - White #WeWantMore

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Somebody grab the twisted tea because these dawgs need to wake up #CLEvsKC #Browns #WeWantMore

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