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 4 months ago

is a

If you try

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 4 months ago

@TwitterBooks A poem is a poem is a poem.

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@TwitterBooks Glorph.

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@TwitterBooks Blood sweat
Stained in struggle
Hungry to see
Last to know

If yet I never tried
I’d never had failed
If I never failed
I’d not hurt
If not hurt
Than it would’ve been

Enough to be scared
But feel nothing
I’d rather hurt
Because hurt is no lie
Than heal isn’t either
Love u

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 4 months ago

@TwitterBooks Dear infants, toddlers, girls, ladies, women & the dead
As the night is upon us, boys & men will transform into monsters
You better hide even you're in home, office, bus, mall, park, car or road
Coz if the monster finds you it means you asked for it!

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@TwitterBooks A poem is as
What it is
Is not words
Yet is real

A poem is as is
Hearing is
Feeling is
Seeing is

A poem as
We live
We give
We love
We hug
And to each a poem give ease

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@TwitterBooks Sometimes / you gotta
Slashes / tho

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@TwitterBooks This is

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@TwitterBooks Anything
is a

If all the
words are

to the left

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Every time I hear a GOP member stating we need unity, I wonder what they would be saying if a coup had succeeded or if Trump had won the election.

Trump is Putin is Trump. #mondaythoughts

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@NBCNews According to the Lefts rules @JoeBiden is a Xenophobic monster!

#ImpeachBiden #AmericaFirst #mondaythoughts #travelban #BidenHarris #MuslimBan #racistbiden #NotMyPresident

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ये जो लम्हे है,
बस यही जिंदगी है.

#dharchula #IncredibleIndia #Uttrakhand #Himalayas #picoftheday #naturelover #beauty #mountains #mondaythoughts #quote #RepublicDay #watercolor

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An introvert can become extrovert if he/she find's a right person ans and extrovert can become introvert if he/she find's wrong person.

#Taurus #dating #mondaythoughts #thoughts

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#mondaythoughts Family 💎 👟👟

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New music Monday is here :) Discover this week's playlist featuring @Charlottecardin @rhye @birdy @billieeilish @MaggieLindemann and more!

#NewMusic #mondaythoughts #monday #music #Playlist

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