Hear us out: we're testing a new way to start a conversation.

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@EpixFish If you’re in the experiment, this is how you Tweet with your voice:

▪️ Tap the Tweet compose button
▪️ Select the audio icon in the media bar
▪️ Tap the “Record” button to start recording your audio and “Done” when you’re finished
▪️ Add Tweet copy if you’d like then tap "Tweet"

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@awo_liz @TwitterSupport This happened to me too ! I gave up cause they wouldn’t reply 💔

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 7 months ago

@TwitterSupport @APHOBIAKILLS It’s my birthday today so do it

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@foshuwu Profile picture fosh✨


 7 months ago
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@rajrup_das Profile picture Rajrup Das


 7 months ago
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@TwitterSupport Cool feature. I like it.

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 7 months ago

@TwitterSupport HEY unsuspend @aphobiakills ❤️

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On iOS, you can now Tweet with your voice! Hit compose Tweet, record your audio, and attach it to your Tweet.

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