There’s been a lot of conversation around Twitter’s enforcement actions recently. We want to take a step back and share the principles we use to empower healthy public conversation through our product, policies, and enforcement...🧵

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We will only add descriptive text that is reflective of the existing public conversation to let people determine their own viewpoints. To date, we have applied these labels to thousands of Tweets around the world, primarily related to COVID-19 and manipulated media.

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We will continue to be transparent in how we make our decisions and be open with our rationale on how we label certain Tweets. Publicly sharing our work is core to everything we do. If we can’t explain and be confident in our determination, we will not label a Tweet.

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When we label Tweets we link to Twitter conversation that shows three things for context:

1⃣Factual statements (e.g. “ballots are only being sent to registered voters”)
2⃣Counterpoint opinions & perspectives
3⃣Ongoing public conversation around the issue

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We also believe it’s important people can read and speak about what world leaders say, even if they violate our rules. We shared more details on our public interest notice in October.

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We heard:

1⃣Twitter shouldn’t determine the truthfulness of Tweets
2⃣Twitter should provide context to help people make up their own minds in cases where the substance of a Tweet is disputed

Hence, our focus is on providing context, not fact-checking.

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Due to the large potential reach, and persuasive impact of media content, we started with a policy on manipulated media.

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We have since expanded to issues of civic integrity and public health given the critical importance of elections and the current health crisis.

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We are NOT attempting to address all misinformation. Instead, we prioritize based on the highest potential for harm, focusing on manipulated media, civic integrity, and COVID-19. Likelihood, severity and type of potential harm — along with reach and scale — factor into this.

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We believe that healthy public conversation is an important element to enable the achievement of Universal #HumanRights for all:

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Twitter’s health principles:

1⃣Decrease potential for likely harm
2⃣Decrease harmful bias & incentives
3⃣Decrease reliance on content removal
4⃣Increase diverse perspectives
5⃣Increase public accountability

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These principles also shape our work on misleading information. In this area too, we're using feedback from the people we serve.

In 2019, we consulted with the public on our approach and that has guided our work since.

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The principles above connect to everything for us — from our decision to ban all political ads, to our policy around public-interest notices, and even a product test that lets people choose who can reply.

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 8 months ago

Testing, testing...

A new way to have a convo with exactly who you want. We’re starting with a small % globally, so keep your 👀 out to see it in action.

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Our initial review shows that people want to know if they’re viewing manipulated content and they support Twitter labeling it. In the coming months, we’ll finish reviewing responses and finalizing the policy before we make another announcement 30 days before it goes into effect.

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Internacional Cavs Demi Lovato Diniz Katy Perry Claudinho #AEWDynamite
Pittsburgh Paris Tom Hanks
#TrueBeauEp11 President Biden Pittsburgh Bernie Trump #Rosmello #BBB21

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#AEWDynamite to think Matt really got Private Party that over lol. Now they are in the IMPACT zone and heel acting in AEW!

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