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All 50 states.

When was the last time you seen ALL 50 states do ANYTHING together???

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Can I just add, when was the last time they all CHOSE to do something together. All these people saying “got covid” yeah okay, it is a global pandemic. We didn’t choose it. We are CHOOSING to go out and fight for what’s right rn and that’s incredible

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If you have any other links that are helpful with this, please add them

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This got A LOT more attention then I thought it would.

Here’s a link of ways you can help outside of just going to protests.

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@wildwestleft That was a beautiful movement.

We the people have had enough of the bullshit. I’ve had enough of people fearing for their life when taking a walk. 𝕀 am tired. It’s time for change. And change is coming.

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 7 months ago

@JuulTronics Glad to hear some good news

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@Isittimeyet4 Exactly. Change is coming.

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@JuulTronics YES!! It brings tears to my eyes!! This is so fucking heartwarming.

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#sundayvibes Speaking of donations I recently donated some of my gear to #TheGiftOfMusicFoundation If you have old gear instead of selling why not donate and help some future #musicians in need? They're legit vetted via @GreatNonprofits heres a link. 🖤🙏

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To talk big
To write big
To act big

They are totally different ball games!!

#sundayvibes #LifeLessons

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#sundayvibes I love pre-pandemic, pre-trump DC on
A Sunday morning. A visit to FireHook Bakery in DuPont Circle to people watch is my favorite. 

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How's Your Sunday Morning? Our Long National Nightmare 2.0 Will Be Officially Over In 3-Days. It Will Be America's Happiest Day When Joe Biden Becomes President...I Can't Wait! #bigspence #spencerkarter
#bluewave #sundaymorning
#sundayvibes #byedon

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