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 8 months ago

Testing, testing...

A new way to have a convo with exactly who you want. We’re starting with a small % globally, so keep your 👀 out to see it in action.

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 5 months ago

We tested, you Tweeted, and now we’re rolling it out to everyone!

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 8 months ago

@carkgirl @Twitter people are gonna abuse the living hell out of this

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 8 months ago

@Sdchachaze @Twitter I dont get these please whoooosh me then explain

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 8 months ago
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 8 months ago

@Twitter You only need to have conversations with frank

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 8 months ago

@Twitter Add that for the media, please.

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You never know! Virginia and Eric might work out. Rooting for them. #mafs #MarriedAtFirstSightatl #mafsatl #MarriedAtFirstSight

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I don’t think Ryan’s mom is feeling Clara with those looks lmao #mafs #MarriedAtFirstSight

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Awwwww they are cute too! Erik and Virginia #MarriedAtFirstSight

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Erik looks soooo uncomfortable #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS

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I actually cried when Clara and Ryan got married! 😭💕 #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS

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This girl is NOT wearing metallic purple eyeshadow for her wedding day. I just know she isn’t. #MarriedAtFirstSight #MAFS

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Briana is a beautiful bride #MarriedAtFirstSight

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