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 1 year ago

Watch a promo my dad shot for my new Netflix special. Aziz Ansari Right Now. July 9 on @netflix. (cc @netflixisajoke)

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@azizansari @netflix @NetflixIsAJoke He is great on Master of None also

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 1 year ago

@azizansari @netflix @NetflixIsAJoke Good to see uncle Shaukat back on the screen.

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@azizansari @netflix @NetflixIsAJoke Well he’s not wrong

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 1 year ago

@azizansari @netflix @NetflixIsAJoke Save a life, take a poo

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@azizansari @netflix @NetflixIsAJoke Ready for some new Aziz 🔥

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@azizansari @netflix @NetflixIsAJoke Master of None season 3 coming or what??

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 1 year ago

@azizansari @netflix @NetflixIsAJoke When is new season of Master of none coming mate?

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dream: i don’t mind nsfw art of myself i really don’t care
antis: so you’re a pedophile?
do y’all see how u sound???? #dreamwaswrong

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dream stans on #dreamwaswrong are exactly why i hate dream stans!!!!!

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#dreamwaswrong fuck dream stans

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#dreamwaswrong those toxic dream stans have gone the farthest anyone’s ever gotten

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#dreamwaswrong honestly i find it so DISGUSTING how people are using dream’s name towards such a serious thing and saying that it’s only his stans? people are sexualising minors but apparently its dream’s fault and not the people drawing them? what the fuck is WRONG with you?

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#AVENGEAVERAGE #DREAMWASWRONG so child porn is okay but EXPOSING child porn is not? @twitter y'all are sus. i'm p sure y'all support pedophiles at this point

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