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Proud Boys Member Denied Bail After Threatening To Kill Raphael Warnock #blacklivesmatter

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Same Old Ass Karens who attacked black students in high school and now at Trump's Rally πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ #RacismInTrump #BlackLivesMatter

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Sasha Johnson was arrested with five protestors in London for breaching Covid restrictions.

They were holding #BlackLivesMatter signs to protest in Parliament Square following death of 24-year-old man hours after he was released from custody.

Johnson has since been released.

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Filmmaker Shirikiana Aina's #FootprintsofPanAfricanism provides context to understand this moment between #CapitolRiots
#MLKDay #Inauguration2021 & #BlackLivesMatter

Knowing how we got here, informs your vision of where to go next
#MLKWeekend #MLKDay2021 #BidenHarrisInauguration

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Remember, folks, the family that pickets together stick-its together!

Today Diana, my nephew, Jesse, and I joined my father along the side of Rt. 36 in West Long Branch to help him kick off the last week of his vigil for #BlackLivesMatter.

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@RickinPA16 And stop with the misdemeanor trespassing charges! Storming the Capitol and terrorizing Congress way more serious than trespassing or entering a restricted area! 😑 Find felonies to charge them with the same way you charged #BlackLivesMatter protesters with a bunch of felonies!

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🌞MLK Jr. Weekend🌞
- Personal Story. Honor. Integrity. Character.
- Imo, lawyer Denver G. Edwards of Bradford Edwards & Varlack is lacking. His behavior here was when he was at law firm hired by Giuliani
- "Do #BlackLivesMatter to Black Attorneys? #BLM

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#kweliCREATOR - Shirikiana Aina is an independent filmmaker in Washington, DC & owner of Sankofa Video and Bookstore. She served as co-producer for SANKOFA, TEZA, and ADWA. Her documentary, FOOTPRINTS OF PAN AFRICANISM, can be streamed on kweliTV πŸ‘‰πŸΎ

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