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Did you take part in the #WebSummit2020 last December? We had a small squad participating who absorbed the knowledge and (online) atmosphere. In this report, they share their highlights and we hope these will inspire you.


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Were you able to catch @emileifrem's fireside chat with Chelsea Bruce-Lockhart from the @FinancialTimes at last month's #WebSummit2020? They discussed how graphs were used in the #FinCENFiles investigation.

Watch the full talk here:
#FinCEN #neo4j

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#TAWNY goes international :) After the #websummit2020 this nice Portuguese article came up.
Thanks, Pedro Couto!

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Catherine Chen, vicepresidenta de @Huawei, declaró en #websummit2020 la necesidad de más #mujeres #líderes en la era #digital y subrayó la importancia de la #educación como clave para empoderar a las mujeres en este sector👇

#innovacion #RRHH #empleo

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Jaká je městská mobilita budoucnosti? Multimodální, sdílená a udržitelná: #WebSummit2020 #UrbanMoiblity #IngenuitybySiemens

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Did you catch @WebSummit 2020? 🌐 This year has seen the world rely heavily on online products and platforms, and 2021 is set to be ever better for tech. Click here to read the Web Summit 2020 report by @OMD_Spain: #WebSummit2020 #betterdecisionsfaster

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מהפיכה בחסות המגיפה - מאמר חדש שלי בגלובס היישר מכנס @WebSummit

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איך חזר האו"ם לחיים ומה הבינו בלמבורגיני ובלואי ויטון? המותגים על קו הזינוק

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ناظمی @amirnazemy :
دولت اگر بخواهد خود بازیگر شود، خود وی‌سی شود خود شتاب‌دهنده باشد این شروع یک شکست است/باید یاد بگیرد تنظیم گری مشارکتی داشته باشد و اگر بخواهد خودش رقیب باشد و نقش حکمران داشته باشد حتما شکست می‌خورد.

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شریف @tehran خطاب به ناظمی @amirnazemy :آقای جهرمی دیشب گفتند که زمانی علیه استارتاپها شب نامه منتشر می کردند و حالا همان افراد خودشان استارتاپ راه اندازی کردند.
چقدر موافق عدم وایگبستگی استارتاپ ها به حاکمیت هستید؟

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دهبیدی پور،, رییس پارک علم و فناوری شریف: فضای نوآوری کشور سابقه 20 ساله دارد با شکل‌گیری پارک‌های علم و فناوری شکل گرفت/اتفاقی که از سال 92 افتاد جامعه استارتاپی یا نوآوری کشور متشکل‌تر شد. در حال حاضر می توان ادعا کرد جامعه استارتاپی خوبی در کشور داریم.

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پنل آینده نوآوری و اکوسیستم استارتاپی ایران با حضور شهرام شریف، امیر ناظمی، پدرام سلطانی، مجید دهبیدی پور، اکبر هاشمی، شهاب جوانمردی و رضا باقری آغاز شد.

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Fighting for the openness of the web: Read @Dries' interview in @diginomica's recap of @WebSummit (with @photomatt & @MitchellBaker) -
#websummit #websummit2020 @jonerp

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Numerous participants joined the side event organised by @StartupLu at renowned technology conference #WebSummit2020.

Several international #startups shared their reasons for choosing #Luxembourg as their home.

Read more 👇

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What questions have you been asking #alexa? As the pandemic rages on our relationship to AI has changed. @DavidLimp and @nickthomasmed explored why @WebSummit #websummit2020

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#Masarium, a TTA startup team that exhibited at #WebSummit, is a data analytics platform in sports betting which provides tools for data scientists to create profitable strategies. The platform also allows users to share their algorithmic strategy to the community.

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This year, #WebSummit2020 reminded us of the positive change that came out of 2020. We leaned into our creative sides, and discovered the net positives of remote work. Here are 3 lessons we’re taking with us into 2021:

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La unión de la sostenibilidad y la tecnología están siendo las claves de la rentabilidad de las empresas en medio de la tormenta.
Los principales #insights del informe de @OMD_Spain en el #WebSummit2020 explicados por @Anabel_Varela en @PdelaPublicidad

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Inspiration live vor dem Bildschirm: Welche spannenden Learnings @Nord_Licht_HH aus #TeamEdelman von der diesjährigen #WebSummit mitnahm & wie die virtuelle Konferenz mit mehr als 100.000 Teilnehmerinnen & Teilnehmern ablief, erfahrt ihr hier. 👇 #DigitalTrends #WebSummit2020

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Whoooowhooooo. Interview done about the prize from @rfmportugal and British Embassy in Lisbon to attend #WebSummit2020 Grateful for being so well received. 🙏😄 Wow. 😄 #ISTE #ELT #edtech #edtechchat #esl #aemga #Tesol #tefl #eal #ell #efl #esol

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@Webmecanik_FR vous propose un retour d'expérience autour du #websummit2020. RDV en #webinar jeudi 17/12 pour découvrir les nouvelles #tendances et #technologies du #marketing et du #web.
Inscription 👇

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Thank you for such an insightful conversation @DeepakChopra @Lars_Buttler @aifdn #AI #DigitalDeepak #MetaHuman #totalmeditation #healthandwellness #infinitepotential #websummit2020

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"A lot of them are over a hundred years old and they simply don’t have enough tech talent." Revolut founder and CEO Nikolay Storonsky spoke about regulation and competition from the east, and from western banks. @WebSummit #websummit2020

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And with #FIRA20 done, that's a wrap! TWELVE EVENTS in two weeks, oh my! Including #websummit2020, @technation (E)Missions, @FarmersWeekly #NSLFoodAg with @NFUEducation & @Eagle_Labs_Agri. HUGE thanks to all who've supported - proper thanks to follow when we've drawn breath! 🤖🤓

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All the inclusion in the world won’t generate fundamental change unless there’s pressure from the back and unless there’s courageous leadership on the inside. Technology and race have intersected in a way that both improves and breaks society. @WebSummit #websummit2020

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Fireside Chat with Deepak Chopra, Lars Butler, and Emily Ragobeer

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.Reviewing my top talks of #WebSummit2020 and this discussion on fixing broken systems by @katherineabell of @qz, @sandyspeicher of @ideo & Helena Helmersson of @hm was fantastic. Thank you so much again for your fantastic contribution.

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Climate change can impact education but, at the same time, education can help us solve the issue of climate change. @WebSummit #websummit2020

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TTA's startup team, #Numbers, provides data protection solutions that create a complete data integrity framework by using #blockchain and the decentralized web to capture, seal, and trace data.
Their solution was also presented at the @WebSummit !

#websummit2020 #WebSummit

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Catherine Chen, vicepresidenta de @Huawei, compartió sus reflexiones en #WebSummit2020 🔊 sobre el #liderazgo femenino. ¡No te lo pierdas! #RRHH #management

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"We need more women leaders in the digital era" #websummit2020 via @IrishTimes

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La tecnología nos ha permitido adaptarnos y contribuir colaborativamente de manera más sencilla: @BarrioChamberi , startup participante en el @WebSummit 2020 está contribuyendo a transformar nuestra sociedad.
#betterdecisionsfaster #websummit2020

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TTA's startup team, #IntersectionEnergyTech, offers #Enpo, an AI Smart Energy Storage System that is portable and built to last.
They have already presented their solution at the @WebSummit !

#WebSummit #websummit2020

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"Hey Alexa, what day is it?" Dave Limp and @nickthomasmed from @WIRED discussed the next iteration of devices @amazon today at @WebSummit #websummit #VISUALNOTES #virtualmeetings.

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